Our methods and approach could be just what you need to extract in-depth insights from your data if you lack the skills or capacity to do so yourself. Results are all that count.


We developed and discovered a whole host of solutions, one of which may just provide the answer to your burning question. We’ll gladly share them with you. Our tried-and-tested solutions are designed to extract in-depth insights – quickly and easily.


Whayle has the in-house expertise and experience to develop data-driven platforms. So, if you’ve got the ideas, but lack the expertise, we’re your first port of call.

Why our clients opted for Whayle

Advanced analytics – ready for immediate use

Subject matter experts – readily accessible

Large data-processing capacity

Interoperability with existing BI systems / analytical capacity

Practical application of analytics and technology

Secure data infrastructure – ISO certified

Minimal operational impact

Guaranteed ROI – subject to working partnership

Focus on results

Our clients are leading players in their respective fields