We're Whayle!

Seasoned thinkers and go-getters – veterans in our fields but young in spirit.

We consolidate and aggregate – not just data, but expertise, too – mixed with more than just a dash of ingenuity. If we do say so ourselves. Our team consists of top professionals in the fields of data analytics and technology, alongside other relevant subject matter experts.

We unravel the knottiest of problems to expose the true underlying questions and then find their answers. This is how we come up with our best insights – insights that help organizations who want to take their game to the next level.

Improving financial, commercial, or operational processes, or increasing profits, starts with the proper insights.

Finding relevant insights is our game, and we’re here to go to bat for you.

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Our clients give our solutions an A+


Whayle double-checked data to eliminate any uncertainty about the accuracy of claims and compensations. Using proprietary analytics and specific expertise, we unlocked hidden information buried in the data, which helped improve results significantly.


loss ratio

Fraud detection

Whayle developed methods for detecting and targeting fraud more effectively and efficiently.



Data monitoring

Whayle developed a system to assess and improve data quality across multiple data sources. It pinpoints what improvements are needed and tracks trends over time.


loss ratio


Whayle helped improve portfolio profitability by mapping the performance of various clients and client groups and applying proprietary analytics and specific in-house expertise.



Working capital

Whayle developed methods to help improve scale-ups’ financial prognoses by unlocking and presenting relevant information found in the available data.


working capital

Faster processing

Whayle aggregated a large volume of data from multiple sources to improve and streamline analytical capacity. Using various technologies, we created an advanced analytical environment for extracting in-depth insights.


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Our clients are leading players in their respective fields